Customer Message - Disruption due to Coronavirus *** Updated 29/03/20 ***

We are currently operating with a minimum of essential staff. Whilst we continue to dispatch orders, we would be grateful if customers would bear with us. Orders are being dealt with on a strict first come first served basis, but we cannot guarantee dispatch or delivery will meet our usual standards.

If ordering from us, please note:
  • 1. Our couriers are suffering from higher demand and are struggling to meet their delivery targets. We therefore cannot guarantee delivery service lead times, particularly if you choose the Overnight or Express options.
  • 2. We are currently unable to maintain our online stock levels in real time. This sometimes results in stock showing as being available when we have sold out of an item. Customers affected will be offered alternatives wherever possible.
  • 3. We are no longer able to process orders for bespoke items, including garment embroidery.
  • 3. We are unable to answer telephone enquiries or take telephone orders. If you need to contact us, please email.
We would like to wish all our customers the very best in these difficult times and hope you manage to stay safe and healthy.

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Hand Hygiene Europe

Hand Hygiene Europe is a trading name of Food Safety Direct Limited. Our hand hygiene training products were originally introduced to our range as a teaching aid for food handlers in the catering and food industries.

As we began to sell into ever more diverse markets we launched the Hand Hygiene Europe website. Our products are now used in hospitals, care homes, petting farms, schools and other educational establishments to name but a few examples.

This website is dedicated to providing professionals with the equipment and materials they need to teach and reinforce the messages about the importance of not only ensuring hands are visibly clean but also hygienically clean.

Hands are the considered to be the principal way in which cross infection occurs, making hand washing one of the most important procedures for preventing the spread of disease.

Therefore effective hand washing techniques are vital for doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers who look after the most vulnerable in society such as the young, the infirm and the elderly.

It is also essential that people employed in the food industry people who prepare the food we put in our mouths understand the consequences of poor hand hygiene.

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