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GlitterBug® Fluorescent Potion, Powder and Gel

As official UK importers of the Glitterbug product range we supply fluorescent potion and powder in various bottle sizes and in quantities from a single bottle to a case.

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Further Information

Teach good handwashing - Magically!

GlitterBug is a product line that makes hand hygiene education interesting, fun, and memorable. The GlitterBug Potion is a fluorescent lotion that when used with a uv lamp makes it possible to see how well hands are washed. The GlitterBug Powder is used to see how contamination and germs can travel.

It is perfect for schools, healthcare professionals and food-handling businesses.

Ideal for use with our FSD Portable Hand Hygiene Kits and GlitterBug Disclosure Centers

How to use the Potion

Using the potion is a simple 3 step process:

1. Ask the student to rub the potion on their hands.
2. The student washes and dries their hands as normal.
3. When placed under a uv lamp any areas not washed properly will show up - as if by magic!

GlitterBug Potion Datasheet.

How to use the Powder

Dust the powder on a sheet of paper and hand it round the room. A check with the uv lamp and you can demonstrate how easily powder (or germs) can be spread from person to person. Alternatively spread the powder on a work surface and ask someone to clean it. Again the uv light will show up any areas that hev been missed.

GlitterBug Powder Datasheet